SB 199 FPA - Consulting Physician

Removes the requirement for a consulting physician when prescribing benzodiazepines and schedule II opioids.

HB 1615 - Nursing Workforce Survey

This is the first step to developing a strategy to solve the shortage of nurses being experienced by Illinois healthcare employers. 

SB 1779 - Medication Aide

The Long Term Care industry is struggling in Illinois.  Not enough CNAs, LPNs or RNs. Without data to prove this can be done safely, we must say no to this proposal.

SB 1785 - Medical Practice Act

Provides consistency between the Nurse Practice Act and the Medical Practice Act regarding the establishment of a written
collaborative agreement between a physician and an APRN

SB 2214 - Anesthesiologist Assist

Seeks to create a new licensure of anesthesiologist assistants. This bill would not provide a solution to rising healthcare costs and could have negative consequences for providers and patients alike.