Response to Wall Street Journal Op-Ed

Dear Op-Ed writer,

Those of us who hold doctorate level degrees in our professions have EARNED the right to use the title of Dr.

Ask our families if we didn’t work hard to obtain them. Mine will tell you about the long hours put in, the living room floor covered in articles, the lack of work/life/school balance. But they will also tell you about how their mother role modeled for them that they could achieve anything, at any time in their life if they were willing to put the work in.

Ask our professors, mentors, and preceptors if the research, projects and other activities linked to our journeys made a difference in our fields. I use the skills I obtained through my DNP journey every day and continue to work towards making the world a better place.

Ask the people who benefit from the results of our work.

Ask us about our journeys, our stories, and what we hope to achieve to make the world a better place with the knowledge we have gained through the pursuit of our doctorates.

But most of all, ask yourself why you needed to write this piece of garbage to tear down another human being’s achievement. Referring to Dr. Biden as ‘kiddo’ is demeaning. Did you think that just because you’re 83, that this was acceptable? I doubt she has given you permission to address her so casually. How about some respect?

This mentality where doctorally prepared people in fields other than medicine aren’t ‘really doctors’ needs correction. I have great respect for the physician providers I work with. I am not a physician. That is not my calling. But I am a doctoral prepared RN and have been seldom allowed to use or be referred to as ‘ Dr’ in my work environment. I earned my degree (and have the student loans to prove it).