ANA-Illinois & ISAPN lobbyists have been advocating key principles as recommended by a task force of ISAPN members, for continued access to telehealth services throughout Illinois.  A coalition of healthcare professionals, providers, and advocacy groups have been meeting since July to develop a strategy to ensure continued opportunity for telehealth services as provided in Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order (EO) this past spring when confronting the Covid-19 pandemic.

Though the EO is currently being extended on a month-by-month basis, there is concern that once the pandemic is over the previous barriers could be put back in place to restrict access to such services.

The Coalition believes the best, and perhaps the only,  way to assure continued access to telehealth services is action by the General Assembly.  The Coalition first established key agreed-to principles, and this week sent a letter to all legislators, the Governor and his staff, and Agency Directors with a corresponding press release.  In addition, lobbyists representing the varied coalition members are personally contacting legislators about the importance of this issue.   Though no legislation has been introduced, the Coalition is ready to address push-back from the insurance lobby.

Capitol Edge Consulting, LLC. will keep you apprised as this goes forward.

Sue Clark
Debbie Broadfield
Kristin Rubbleke